Do you have property damage to your home or business caused by fire, water leak, storm wind, or another unforeseen event? In order to receive adequate damages that will cover your loss, you may want to consider hiring a Florida state-licensed public claims adjuster. But when to hire a public adjuster in Florida? The short answer is ASAP; here’s why:

Unlike insurance company adjusters, public adjusters represent the best interests of the policyholder. Florida insurance claims adjusters are trained to review and understand property insurance policies. Without this type of representation, there may be additional coverage you are entitled to that you may not be aware of.

The primary responsibilities of our Tampa, FL claims adjusters are to read insurance policy and interpret coverage issues, evaluate the damage, prepare an estimate, gather claim documentation, and negotiate with the insurance company’s adjuster. Consider turning to a public insurance adjuster like Liberty Adjusters when one or more of the following conditions applies to your claim:

  • You don’t have the time. Why deal with the demands of the insurance company? Time is money, and few people can afford to spend hours on end dealing with their insurance company.
  • You don’t understand the complex language of your insurance policy. The average homeowner or small business owner is not well versed in reading and interpreting insurance policies. This typically results in big money being left on the table that the policyholder was entitled to. It’s been reported that Florida claims adjusters help get 574% more on average than submitting a claim on your own.
  • You don’t have the expertise in filing an insurance claim. Most insurance claims are complex, no matter how small or large the damage. A public adjuster will remove any confusion from the process and represent the best interests of the policyholder.
  • Your damage is extensive. Severe property damage especially creates a variety of complicated claims issues that can be overwhelming to the average policyholder. The more complex the claim, the more mistakes are made.
  • The insurance carrier is offering a quick payoff. What may appear to be great customer service can often be an attempt to get the policyholder to settle for less money. While a quick settlement is ideal, it’s best to take your time and make sure you are protected. That’s when it’s good to have Liberty Adjusters on your side to help you get the maximum payout.
  • The insurance carrier appears to be delaying your claim. Follow this simple rule. If you feel you are getting the run-around, get help from a public claims adjuster immediately.
  • The insurance carrier offers a settlement that does not fully cover the damages, according to the provisions of your policy. Insurance companies always look for ways to avoid paying full coverage for damages. A public adjuster like at Liberty Adjusters reads and understands the same policy language as the insurance carrier and will not let a settlement be underpaid.
  • Your insurance carrier is discouraging you from hiring a public adjuster. Any insurance claims representative who tells you not to hire a public adjuster is waving a big, red flag. Ask an adjuster about your claim for free to make sure you have an advocate on your side.

If you’re filing an insurance claim due to property damage to a home or business in Florida, call a public claims adjuster immediately. Liberty Adjusters will help get the settlement you deserve! We are Tampa Bay’s leading public insurance claim adjusting firm and will represent your best interests with property damage insurance claims. Get justice for your claim today!