Righting the Wrongs of Your Insurance Company

Roof damage is one of the most common forms of property damage in Florida. Loss is most often caused by windstorm, hail, fire, or an unexpected collapse.

Often, failure of a roof’s system also results in additional damage to the interior building as well as the contents (As if filing for a roof damage insurance claim wasn’t complex enough) In order to protect both the interior and exterior your home and prevent further damages, immediate action is required to not only repair your roof, but to file a claim so you receive full payment of your damages. Liberty Adjusters helps homeowners collect money you may not be aware that you’re entitled to!

We work for you, not the insurance company.

You can trust our public claims adjusters with your claim. With no of pocket costs, we will manage your claim from start to finish and get you the settlement you deserve.

Liberty Adjusters will assist in proving your case to the insurance company with as quick a turn around time as possible for as large of a settlement as possible, based on the provisions of your policy.

With every damaged roof comes a unique set of challenges. When managing your roof damage insurance claim, Liberty Adjusters will assess, document, and submit the following to your insurance company for your roof damage claim:

  • Proof that a covered peril caused the damage
  • The age and condition of the roof
  • The type of roof system that is installed, i.e. asphalt shingle, built-up flat roof, ceramic, metal tile roof, etc.
  • Any records of maintenance and repairs since the damage occurred
  • Applicable building codes

Often homeowners are not aware of what they are entitled to and that’s why our team can help you get a fair settlement (we’ve had clients get more than the average 574% more reported statewide). We only get paid if you collect more on your insurance claim. Experts will manage your claim from start to finish and get you the settlement you deserve.

If you’ve experienced roof damage caused by an unforeseen event and are tired of the run around with the insurance company, consider using our team of public claims adjusters for guidance and expertise. At Liberty Adjusters, we work for you, not the insurance company. Call Liberty Adjusters today!