Did you know that water damage is the most frequent type of loss reported in the insurance industry? Plumbing and water leak damages are usually sudden, unexpected, and devastating.  

If you’ve experienced water damage and need to submit a claim to your Florida home or business, you need to have an expert in your corner to make sure you get a fair settlement. Our insurance claims adjusters understand the shock that comes with an unexpected water loss. Sadly, we also know the ways that your insurance may undervalue or even deny your claim. Lean on Liberty for expert claims guidance!

Plumbing or Water Leak? Call Liberty Adjusters!

Water damage claims can come from many events. Liberty Adjusters, has worked on insurance claims due to events such as broken pipes, leaks from appliances, sewage backup, or storm water entering from a leaky roof are some of the more common water losses, most of which are covered under insurance policies. However, the average homeowner is not experienced in handling a water damage insurance claim, and therefore, the policy language can be extremely confusing.

To receive a fair compensation for your loss, consider hiring a claims advocate to manage your claim and work on your behalf with the insurance company. Liberty Adjusters can help! Our team of experienced public adjusters in the Tampa, FL will manage your claim from start to finish providing the following services:

  • Submit a claim within the allowed time parameter as detailed in your insurance policy

  • Provide proof to the insurance company that the damage was caused by a covered peril

  • Determine the extent of the damages

  • Submit maintenance and repair records to the insurance company

  • Offer guidance for the proper emergency mitigation, i.e. removal and dry out

  • Work with the insurance company on approved charges for repairs

  • Coordinate repairs with a restoration company

  • Negotiate a fair settlement based on the provisions of your policy

Get Justice for Your Water Damage Claim

Remember, the way a water loss is handled in the first 24 hours can be critical in the outcome of your property damage claim. At Liberty Adjusters, we understand the claims process and have a proven track record of success in dealing with insurance companies and negotiating settlements that otherwise could’ve been underpaid or denied. We help with plumbing leaks and water damage claims in Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, and Polk County. Call our Tampa, FL claims adjusters today!