Justice for Your Condominium Association Claim

When condominium communities are damaged, Condominium and Homeowner Association claims present a challenge unlike any other loss adjusting process. Liberty Adjusters are experienced in representing group policyholders. When major damage occurs, it seems every condo owner has their own opinion about the repairs, the cost estimates, and of course they all want their unit how it was in as little time as possible. When you’re dealing with a condo property loss, it’s good to bring in expert guidance to help manage the complexities of the Florida insurance claim process. Liberty Adjusters in Tampa, FL is the team you can trust to get a fair settlement for your condo or HOA insurance claim.

Is it a Condominium or Homeowners Association Claim?

There are also many properties that look like a condominium with attached units but in fact they have been set up as homeowner associations. The requirements for this type of community will be different than a condo association. Many of these attached homeowner communities (often townhomes) are titled with the unit owner owning it in fee simple ownership. They also own the complete unit, which requires them to insure them with a standard homeowners policy. However with condo units, owner would insure their property with an HO 6 policy.

When a loss occurs to multiple buildings/units in a homeowners association, it is very difficult to not only adjust these losses, but also for the community owners to agree on a repair plan as each unit owner has their own insurance and probably an opinion on the necessary repair protocol. At times, association documents in conflict as there are often questions regarding who has the right or obligation to make repairs. This conflict can get worse after an insurance loss, which is different than normal repairs and maintenance. It’s our job to understand the differences in your claim coverage so we can get it fairly settled as soon as possible.

With condo insurance claims, you will have to assign a manager of the loss whether it is a board member, a committee, or a qualified public insurance claim adjusting firm to get your association through the loss adjustment and repair process.

Contractor Support

If you’re a contractor brought in by an association, and the damage was worse than what there claim payout was, Liberty Adjusters can review the settlement. Our Tampa claims adjusters will make sure that your client got the maximum they were entitled to. Contact us to see how we help roofers, plumbers, and electricians to get the monies needed to do the job right and return any impacted condos back to original condition.

Lean on Liberty Adjusters

Many Florida condominium associations and unit owners have turned to the independent claims team at Liberty Adjusters. As experienced public adjusters, we understand the Florida claims process and can help you receive the maximum settlement for your claim.  

Don’t go it alone; lean on Liberty Adjusters for our knowledge of the condo insurance policy claims process. We pride ourselves on obtaining the maximum claims settlement under your policy provisions so your community can receive justice for your claim as quickly as possible.