Focus On Your Business, We’ll Handle Your Claims

Dealing with a business insurance claim can be a lengthy and complex process – one that most small business owners are not experienced with or qualified to handle. After all, even the slightest oversight could lead to a significantly underpaid or denied settlement.

At Liberty Adjusters, we work for you, not the insurance company. If you’re a small business owner facing property damage, don’t risk losing a substantial settlement due to filing a claim incorrectly. Choose our Tampa, FL insurance claim adjusters to help manage your claim and get the settlement your business is entitled to!

We are your trusted partner throughout the entire claims process and will manage your claim so you can focus on restoring your business and get life back to normal. Our Tampa, FL team of public adjusters works for you, not the insurance company, and will get you the settlement you deserve. We offer years of experience in handling business claims, and our proven track record of success speaks for itself as we have overturned thousands of previously underpaid or denied settlements.

Oversights Equal Lost Settlements!

Due to the complex nature of a business insurance claim, it’s very easy to overlook existing coverage’s or to incorrectly adjust a claim. To maximize your settlement, Liberty Adjusters will carefully review every aspect of your insurance policy including:

  • Business Interruption – losses resulting from a business interruption caused by a covered event

  • Loss of Use/ Loss of Rent – protects commercial property owners from losing revenue caused by uninhabitable property resulting from a covered loss

  • Extended Coverage – provides coverage so a business can reach its pre-loss income levels after reopening

  • Continuing Expenses – coverage that pays for costs that continue despite a business interruption such as payroll or interest on a mortgage

  • Extra Expenses – coverage that pays for your business expenses as a result of property damage, i.e. additional office space rental

Let Us Handle Your Business Insurance Claim

There is usually a significant difference between what the insurance company offers to the insured and what it should actually pay according to policy provisions. Don’t fall victim to an underpaid or denied business claim! Get justice for your claim with Liberty Adjusters. We work on your behalf to get the settlement you deserve by managing your claim from start to finish. You don’t pay unless you receive an increased insurance settlement. Give our public claims adjusters a call today to get started!