At Liberty Adjusters, we work for you, not the insurance company.

If you’re experiencing loss at your home or small business due to mold contamination, you may be entitled to damages. Previously, mold damage claims were covered under most property insurance plans when it resulted from a covered peril such as a plumbing leak, storm, or other unforeseen event. Increased public awareness of mold and its health-related hazards has led to higher costs for cleanup and removal. Because of this, many insurance carriers are removing mold coverage from their policy regardless of whether or not it was a result of a covered peril. However, in certain cases, insurance companies will offer a limited coverage for mold/fungus at an additional premium.

Most insurance company representatives quote the policy exclusions for mold even when coverage may exist for your mold damage. Our expert public adjusters based in Tampa, FL can assess your mold damage claim and advise you on how to get the insurance settlement you deserve.

Liberty Adjusters will manage your mold insurance claim from start to finish and will provide the following services:

  • Determine the extent of the damages
  • Submit a claim within the allowed time parameter as detailed in your insurance policy
  • Provide proof to the insurance company that the damage was caused by a covered peril
  • Submit maintenance and repair records to the insurance company
  • Offer guidance for proper cleanup, removal, and remediation techniques for mold contamination
  • Work with the insurance company on approved charges for repairs
  • Negotiate a fair settlement based on the provisions of your policy
  • Advise you on the most effective way to assess and document your mold loss

Mold damage insurance claims can be complex, especially for homeowners or businesses that aren’t intricately familiar with their insurance policy and exclusions. To receive a fair compensation for your loss, consider hiring a claims advocate to manage your mold damage claim and work on your behalf with the insurance company.

Liberty Adjusters can help get justice for your claim! Ask an adjuster about your loss and get on average 574% more to repair your mold damage