After the State of Florida realized the average homeowner and business owner were at an unfair disadvantage when it came to knowing their rights with insurance claims, the position of public claims adjuster was created – a checks and balance system if you will. Unlike that of an insurance company adjuster, a public claims adjuster represents the insured’s best interests and seeks to achieve a fair settlement on unexpected property damages, according to the provisions of the existing insurance policy. Here are the many benefits of hiring a public adjuster for your Florida property insurance claim.

Time Savings: Time is money, and most homeowners and business owners do not have the time to deal with endless demands and requests from the insurance company. From start to finish, a public adjuster will organize and manage your claim, so you can focus on getting life back to normal.

Claims Expertise: No matter the claim - whether it’s from flood, storm, mold, or any other unforeseen event - the claims process is complex and can be easily misinterpreted. Having someone on your side that is familiar with the policy language and how those policies are enforced can positively affect the outcome of your claim. A public adjuster will also provide guidance with proper procedures for repairs and documenting expenses in the event a claim is denied or underpaid.

Faster Resolution of Your Claim: A public adjuster will manage your claim, process the required paperwork, and handle all correspondence and negotiations with the insurance company. This experience and expertise will help expedite the claims process so you can get the repairs underway as soon as possible.

A Trusted Partner on Your Side: A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. They will protect your rights and use their knowledge of the insurance claims process to get the settlement you deserve. A public adjuster also acts as a third-party resource who can be named a witness should more aggressive action be required to obtain a fair settlement.

Fair Claim Value: A recent study from the Office of Program and Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) showed that public adjusters negotiate on average 574% larger settlements than a home or business owner get paid out on their claim. Insurance companies always try to find ways to either deny or underpay claims. This is especially true during catastrophic situations (like Hurricane Irma) when insurance carriers have to process large amounts of claims.

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