Flood claims are difficult due to the federal regulations, and strict time lines must be met. Flood policies do not cover property like your homeowner’s policy does. A thorough knowledge and understanding of your coverage is required to understand what is covered and what is NOT covered. The documentation of your damages must be bullet proof because the burden of proof of damage falls to the insured. That’s where the public insurance claims adjusters at Liberty Adjusters can help you get the maximum settlement for your Florida flood insurance claim.

What to Know About Flood Claims

Having a flood damage your property is nothing like incurring any other type of damage and is nothing like trying to make a claim recovery from a typical insurance company. Flood claims are basically handled by the National Flood Insurance Program (federal government in action). The flood insurance policies are much more restrictive than a typical property insurance policy regardless if your building involved is a commercial or residential structure.

In general terms, your coverage is for what is damaged within the exterior walls of your structure, what is touched by the flood water only, and must be individually listed and insured as such on your flood insurance policy. Generally, no living or relocation expenses are provided while you are displaced from your property.

Documenting the Damage

You can never have too many pictures for a flood claim. The most common mistake made is when people start cleaning up, they don’t take enough photos and start throwing away damaged items. Later when they compile their list of damages they have no photos of the flood-damaged items. It’s very important to photograph every item being removed showing the item and showing the damage to the item in reasonable detail. Our adjusters will make sure that we fully document your flood damages.

It takes competent and dedicated professional adjusters to wade through flood claim bureaucracy to assure a policyholder of maximum payment. When it comes to flood loss claims, you should trust a pro to help document all the damage.  The team at Liberty Adjusters can manage your entire flood damage claim.