If your home or small business has been damaged by hail, you may be entitled to damages under your homeowners or business insurance policy. Due to the complex nature of hail damage insurance claims, it’s a good idea to have a public claims adjuster in Florida manage your claim so you are properly compensated for your hail property loss.

Many times, insurance carriers underpay or deny hail claims based on the discretionary nature of the adjusting process. With this in mind, never rely solely on insurance adjusters to represent your best interests. They speak for the insurance company - enough said. On the other hand, a public adjuster works on behalf of the policyholder, managing claims from start to finish and maximizing settlements to fully recover damages.

We work for you, not the insurance company. Liberty Adjusters is a Tampa, Florida based public adjusting firm, ready and willing to help settle your hail insurance claim. We will provide the following services when managing your hail insurance claim in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk and Manatee County, FL:

  • Submit a claim within the allowed time parameter as detailed in your insurance policy
  • Provide proof to the insurance company that the damage was caused by a covered peril
  • Determine the extent of the damages
  • Submit maintenance and repair records to the insurance company
  • Work with the insurance company on approved charges for repairs
  • Coordinate repairs with a local restoration company
  • Negotiate a fair settlement based on the provisions of your policy

Remember, if a hailstorm causes visible damages, this should be obvious to the field adjuster and immediately reported early in the process. Unfortunately, many times this does not occur, and policyholders are offered partial settlements for repairs rather than total replacement, i.e. roof and siding.

You may also face issues with the scope of damages and the dollar amount that the insurance adjuster claims you deserve based on the provisions of your policy. Your carrier may even try to confuse you regarding details of your claim and the damages as a way to underpay your insurance claim. When you hire our Florida public insurance adjusters from the onset of your home or business claim, this is often avoided and we make sure your best interests are being represented and manage the claim so you don’t have to.

At Liberty Adjusters, we understand the language of your insurance policy. It is with this knowledge and expertise that allows us to properly manage your claim and get you fully compensated for your hail damages. Policyholders typically get on average 574% more when you hire outside claims representation. Lean on Liberty. Submit a claim to our Tampa, FL public adjusters today!