At Liberty Adjusters in Tampa, FL, we know that many property damage claims cannot be settled without litigation. Our independent adjusters help with loss consulting for law firms. We want to be part of your claim resolution team. If a homeowner, business owner, or condo association who is struggling to settle a Florida property damage claim has hired you, we can help! We will make every effort to get your client the full value for your loss and testify on their behalf for the true valuation of the damage.

Florida Loss Consulting

Our team of claims adjusters understand that property damage claims cause more than devastation, but also emotional & financial stress. Many Florida insurance companies mishandle property damage claims; it’s our job to right the wrongs of the insurance carriers when they undervalue or deny loss claims. After a loss, many companies take an unsympathetic approach where they are looking to save themselves money on the settlement. You know it; your client knows it. And that’s why they hired your law firm.  To us, it’s the insurance claims settlement equivalent of ‘kicking them when they are down.’ Liberty Adjusters cares about each claim, and will help your clients get the maximum they are entitled to under their policy.

Public Adjusters on Your Side

If your client’s insurance company is not on their side, then you need an expert that's in your corner. Liberty Adjusters in Tampa, Florida are public claims adjusters on your side. When insurance doesn’t keep the promise in the policy, then you need to call our loss consulting team.  We help in the claim litigation and documentation process, helping to remove the burden off of the shoulders of the law firm.

You know the law and we know how to properly document the claim so you can prepare a thorough case against the insurance company. Together, we can help level the playing field and manage the insurance claim settlement process. Show the insurance company your client means business and has top-notch representation from all sides of their insurance claim.  Liberty Adjusters experience as independent claims adjusters is a key part of your insurance law and litigation team. Contact us today to learn more about our loss consulting for law firms!