After you file an insurance claim in Florida, you will probably feel a sense of relief. Someone understands your shock from the loss, and wants to help you return things to normal. Or so you think…until days (maybe even weeks) go by with no word from your insurance carrier about your claim and paying you to fix the damages.

At Liberty Adjusters, we know it’s not just residence, it’s a home. And it’s not just your place of business; it’s your dream. That’s why, when insurance companies don’t want to make it right for you - we’re the team you can trust to get you a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

Liberty Adjusters Can Help With Your Insurance Claim Process Even If….

…you have already notified your insurance carrier about the damage.

your insurance claim was denied with your home or business insurance company

…you’ve had an insurance loss in the last year and haven’t filed an insurance claim yet

At any stage you are in the home insurance process, Liberty Adjusters in Tampa, FL can step in and maximize your payout. We can help you get your repairs covered and losses replaced no matter what stage of the claims process you’re in.

Simplify The Claims Process

Has your property been damaged by fire, water leak, a hurricane, storm, or hail? Have you already contacted your insurance company only to get the run around or no response. Our public claims adjusters are here to simply the homeowner’s and commercial insurance claims process for you.

With our public adjuster’s service, the insurance claims process is simple. Liberty Adjusters will manage the process for you. Lean on Liberty to get support and justice for your claim.

Florida Insurance Claims Process

Before you start your claim process, you’ll want to:

  1. Try to find the source of the damage. Did a pipe burst? Is there an AC leak? But, be careful and leave activities like going onto the roof for the pros.

  2. Attempt to stop the damage from continuing. If you have plumbing leak or water damage, you may need to turn off your water valve if your pipe burst or put a bucket underneath a ceiling leak.

  3. Next, call a repairman. You need to make sure that your home is safe to live in and doesn’t present any risks to you or your family.

  4. Call Liberty Adjusters. We make the homeowner’s insurance claim process easier, and can get you the maximum amount to fix your properties specific damage.

The Insurance Claims Process Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Your insurance policy may be interpreted in many different ways. We’re experts with time on our hands to negotiate your claim for you. Liberty Adjusters are on your side to right the wrongs of the insurance company.

Call us today so we can inspect your damage at no charge. A public insurance claims expert will come by, and take pictures of the damage. This helps us be prepared when we speak to your insurance company and file your insurance claim.

At Liberty Adjusters, we want you to get all that you’re entitled to as fast as possible. Claims experts keep you informed every step of the way; which is crucial as your insurance can take up to 90 days to respond to your claim. To us, you’re important and that’s why you’ll always know exactly where we are in the insurance claims process.  

What Happens When You Get an Insurance Settlement?

Once the insurance company offers a settlement, our claims adjusters will also give you our opinion on the settlement. If you are happy with it, then we’ll accept on your behalf. However, if not, Liberty Adjusters will continue to fight for a higher payout. We want you to get a settlement that covers all of your damages, replaces any appliances, flooring, walls, paint, ceiling or roofing materials, etc. that were a loss.

Get Justice For Your Claim

As Tampa, Florida public claims adjusters, we’re on your side, not your insurance company. We will get you the maximum amount from your insurance carrier.  Studies have shown that by using a Florida public adjuster, you get more than triple the claim settlement amount than when you work directly with your insurance company. Their goal is to save themselves money, our goal is to protect you.

Lean on Liberty. We can help with your residential or commercial property damage claims. If we feel that a higher amount can be reached, then you can count on our Tampa, FL adjusters to get it. Contact our expert insurance adjusters today!